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Albert A. Staley

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

My goal in counseling is to provide a space where you feel comfortable, safe, and are able to move forward at your own pace.  Allowing me to walk alongside you as you progress, is an honor I will never take for lightly; and I thank you for your courage in taking that first step towards healing and truth.

It has been my experience, both personally and professionally, that when we find new sources of strengths, we become empowered in significant ways. Let us confidently rediscover the meaning and purpose in your life; regardless of what you might have experienced in the past or in the present.

Many times, difficulties, dysfunction, and failure are the understandings we have concerning life. These might be addressed with one or two approaches, but deep-down health comes from resolving issues at our innermost core. This takes multidimensional and balanced “complete” strategies, to address the whole you at each level of your life possibilities. Learning new ways of coping is a short-term solution to “life is difficult”. But I want to help you discover that healing and truth at your core personality is the only reliable source of success, joy, and peace!

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,
Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS, PTSD)
Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT),
Motivational Interviewing (MI),
Mindfulness Relaxation Techniques (MRT),
Christian Counseling, information and instruction.

Problems with -

Drugs & Alcohol

Fear & Anxiety

Past or Present Stress Events

Diagnosed Disorders

Unfavorable Organized Religion Experiences

Continual Depression

Difficulty Finding Peace, Joy, and Excellence

My professional background involves almost 30 years of counseling and teaching as a non-denominational pastor/teacher and apologist (one who specializes in answering spiritual questions). As a psychotherapist / counselor I have completed a practicum and two internships in psychotherapy and counseling. Although I am under supervision as a licensed therapist associate, you are in good hands.

Man praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset, Human raising hands. Worship christia

Contact Me

I work within the Mindful Therapy Group as an independent contracted provider. All services rendered are representative of my own health care license, independent business, and practice style. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate LMHC-A in the State of Washington, (WA MC.61402028). I received my master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University (CACREP certified).

For more information, or if you would like to schedule, please contact:

(425) 640-7009

7am-7pm Mon-Friday

8am-4pm Saturday-Sunday

Aetna - Cigna - Kaiser - Pacific Source - Premera & Others

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